ProteoCombiner: Integrating top-down, bottom-up and middle-down proteomics data

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Here we present a high-performance software for proteome analysis that combines different mass spectrometric approaches, such as, top-down for intact protein analyses and both bottom-up and middle-down, for proteolytic fragment characterization.

ProteoCombiner capitalizes on the data arising from different experiments and proteomics search engines and presents the results in a user-friendly manner. Our tool also provides a rapid and easy visualization, manual validation and comparison of the identified proteoform sequences, including post-translational modifications (PTM) characterization. Thus, ProteoCombiner is recommended for studies dealing with different proteomics strategies, in order to increase confidence in proteoform identification including PTMs.

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DOI of the manuscript

Chamot-Rooke, J.; Lima, D.B.; Dupré, M.; Duchateau, M; Giai-Gianetto, Q.; Rey, M.; Matondo, M.: ProteoCombiner.
Privilege of innovation. Register number: IDDN.FR.001.410008.000.S.C.2019.000.31235, institution of registration: Agence pour la Protection des Programmes, Depositor: Chamot-Rooke, J.; Institut Pasteur, Deposit: 01/10/2019